Teach Real-Life Maths

Teaching Standards 2.5.2, 3.3.2, 3.4.2

Audience: Primary teachers of Years 3 to 6, casual relief teachers and beginning teachers.

Teach real-life learning experiences that help Year 1 to 6 students to shine in Mathematics. You'll discover how to make Mathematics meaningful to students through different types of waste and litter audits at your school. You'll also get support to differentiate your teaching and extend your students' learning.

Watch videos and explore a range of teaching resources, documents and websites that you can use straight away. Download a course handout to refer to anytime. Once you’ve completed the course, you will be able to teach student-led waste audits and share your learning with others.

This course is 2 PD hours Accreditation

What's included?

4 Surveys
26 Texts
Kirsty  Costa
Kirsty Costa

About the instructor

Kirsty helps teachers grow in their profession. She is the Head of Professional Development at Cool Australia, inspiring hundreds of educators each year. Kirsty shares her 15+ years of teaching and training experience. In her courses, she creates a dynamic space for teachers to be creative and curious. She builds teacher confidence and makes information relevant, helpful and powerful. Kirsty also has a background in communication and talking to people about change.

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